Say Your Thousand Words Well.

You know the saying. A picture says a thousand words. Well  have you ever been in a room with someone that talks and talks but doesn’t say anything?


When a home buyer is perusing the MLS, property websites, Zillow, Trulia, etc., they are immersed in a savage sea, tossed around by image after endless image and after a while, make no mistake, it all starts to look the same. Yet, we know beyond doubt that pictures are critical in getting the attention of the buyer. The answer to getting noticed is to make sure your pictures are a little different from the others. Home buyers know that kitchens have sinks, bedrooms have closets and that dining rooms have tables. And sure, that may help in your description of a place. But when you buy Coke, do they take a picture of it on the shelf? They take it in a way that is more immersive and more emotionally connecting. Sweat on the bottle, a bucket of ice. A supermodel luxuriously swilling it down.

Your property pictures shouldn’t just tell. They should sell.

Depending on the ebbs and flows of the housing market, there are always going to be varying degrees of attention given to the properties you market. But the fact is, the more people you can get out to see your place, the more chance you are going to get into competitive bids and that can only mean higher prices for the property you are selling.

It’s not just a house that you are selling.

Every time you put images and marketing material out there, it’s not just buyers that are likely to see it. It’s prospective sellers. And when your marketing shines it can only help in your endeavor to get more business. Your images are a part of your brand and particularly when selling high end property, that brand to fit right in with the homes your selling—it needs to show class, quality and refinement. It provides prospective clients with confidence in the marketing you can provide them with and provides agents with tangible proof that their commitment to good marketing is about presenting a property as well as it can be shown.

High-end agents at the top of the industry get it. They shop for a photographer based on the quality of the work they produce and not on the lowest price available.