About Mark

I’m a Los Angeles-based photographer whose work has appeared in publications ranging from the Wall Street Journal to Forbes, Lonny to Architectural Digest  and The Los Angeles Times to London’s Daily Mail.

I started doing this because I would look at certain images of spaces and I’d feel that same ache inside you feel when you hear a great song. Maybe it’s just the overwhelming statement that some rooms make. Maybe it’s just an intimate detail, vignette or nook that somehow carries the mood of the room. Maybe it’s the way two lines in a room intersect or how the dappled light plays on the floor at a certain time of day. I want people to feel like they are there, in the space, experiencing it. Not for them just to be informed, but to feel.

I care a great deal about the merits of the finished work itself (maybe too much) and I stand by the value of a more intimate and less automatic approach regardless of who I am shooting for. Most spaces have a story to tell that is often years in the making. It’s my job to take the time to find and capture that story so viewers can experience and relate to it. If they can look at one of my photos and see not only function but also the intended beauty, well, that really matters to me. My favorite clients are those that are vested in the images I create and are eager to collaborate on them; whether it’s the right angle, right styling, right light or just conveying the right energy, the aim is to get the narrative right. And I’m eager to collaborate with them too. It’s my favorite part of the process.

Having worked with a wide variety of clients from architects to Hollywood A-listers and interior designers to corporate developers and publishers, I’m fully apprised of the need to make good on commitments and to leave my clients feeling as if their expectations have been not only met, but exceeded. This isn’t just a business about pictures. It’s ultimately about people, and working with a fascinating and inspiring spectrum of clientele is what makes this such a rewarding career.

I am happy to bring the potent combination of a formal education in film and the fine arts, business experience in Silicon Valley and years in advertising to the table, ensuring that I’m not just passionate about doing what I promise. I’m capable of doing it.

On the personal side, I have four (yes, four) passports which allow me to work (i.e., go on assignments) legally and without any visa hassles in at least 35 countries, and when not behind the camera, I can often be found in front of the keys of our Yamaha G2 baby grand, penning songs that my wife has most thoughtfully described as “pretty”.

What else? Oh! I’m Canadian. Everybody loves Canadians!

Mark Singer
A thousand words. Say them well.

310.844.7797 / bookings@marksinger.com

** Mark Singer provides his services under Waterbeetle, Inc.